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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is about making a difference and being accountable for the impact of our business on the wider community so it’s important to show how our policy is working in practice.

Our CSR policy is based on our passion for opening minds and shaping perspectives of people and organizations as they create communications for their global audiences. By making organizations aware of the impact that culture and values have on the language in their communications and connecting that with their overall strategic business goals, we can bring the global community a little closer together. In effect, we can be a catalyst for global change… one person by one person, one communication by one communication.

LSI Team

LSI is committed to fostering a company culture that supports our employees in their pursuit and achievement of personal and professional development goals. We are passionate about languages and cultures and as such, encourage our employees to find a personal connection with what they are doing here at LSI. Our team members are enthusiastic and connected with our organizational goals and take part in shaping them, articulating them, documenting them and being in front of the clients they serve.

A core element of our company’s mission is education. We promote growth and learning initiatives, as well as the continuous development of thought leadership. Our unwavering dedication to our clients, translators and global community drives our team’s focus on innovation. We have defined our key performance indicators to quantify our accountability and interdependence. Each member of our team contributes to the success of LSI’s strategic goals and has played an integral role in the thought leadership behind our Client Mentor Program. Our team members take part in every single client strategy meeting, each weekly Baldrige meeting and in our overall internal balanced scorecard development.

Our vision is one of connectivity and growth. We are constantly striving to open minds, shape perspectives and build bridges. These values start with our people and have been inculcated into our company via written policies and by the patterns of ethical behavior established and modeled by our leadership.


Trust is a strong component of our Client Service model. We maintain a level of transparency with our clients so that they understand the core values and processes that drive our organization. Likewise, we strive to understand our clients’ company culture, objectives and needs.

We seek to change the perception that communication is a commodity. In fact, it is a valuable asset to our clients, who can reap serious long-term benefits in this world of increasing migration and technological progress where multilingual communication has become the rule. LSI takes an educational approach in our Client Mentor Program™ . We support our clients as they align their multilingual communication initiatives with their organization’s strategic goals. We take a consultative approach with our clients and encourage them to develop communications with the end-user’s perspective in mind. We help organizations reach out to their international workforce so that they can:

  • make informed decisions about their employee benefits
  • understand the company’s mission, vision and goals and how they can contribute
  • understand corporate directives and how it affects their job to become more competitive
  • feel that they are communicated to with respect

We represent the interest of the second language user. We help organizations reach out to their international customers and second language end-users of their products and communications so that they can:

  • make informed decisions about purchasing a product or service
  • understand important safety information
  • feel that they are part of the community, not outsiders
  • feel that they are respected and addressed in an intelligent and appropriate manner

The Client Mentor Program™ includes a process measurement system  to quantify and monitor continual improvement and achievement of our clients’ objectives. We help our client’s set goals, provide them with a roadmap, and monitor their progress towards success. Walking along this path with our clients, we can point out potential risks and rewards they may encounter along the way. Our program and innovations developed here help organizations to align their organizational and people programs and practices with their overall business strategy.


Integrity and respect are at the core of our vendor management policies. We encourage our translators to seek out opportunities for professional development and advancement within the translation/localization industry. We provide assistance and expert project management to help translators further their skills in CAT tools. We encourage and foster a sense of teamwork with translators and editors so that each can learn from the other. We are all teachers and we are all students.

We consider our translators as valuable and treasured team members and collaborate with them to provide our clients with strategic consultation on language related issues. We value our translators as expert linguists, professionals and trusted colleagues.

We are responsible to our translators and committed to ensuring that:

  • every translator gets fair payment for their services
  • all of our translator are paid on time
  • translators are selected based on quality, not on price
  • translators are selected based on their experience that best complements the content of the communication
  • translators feel that they are valued, respected members of our team


We strive to live and work with an environmentally friendly approach. We understand that as global citizens, each of us has a responsibility to the planet and each other. Here are some of the “green” things we do:

  • All of our paper and plastic bottles are recycled.
  • We only print material when necessary.
  • We always print on both sides of our paper before recycling it.
  • We bike to work.
  • We happily comply with our clients’ and translators’ “green” requests.


LSI is a WBEN certified company with a focus on community service and social responsibility. Lead by a Returned Peace Corps volunteer, LSI’s team is encouraged to be active members of the global community.

  • We support employee initiatives that help the community.
  • We espouse the third goal of Peace Corps: Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.
  • We promote awareness and diversity through language and culture.
  • We focus charitable donations on hunger
  • We serve on committees in hospitals and churches
  • We volunteer in local food pantries
    We act in the interest of the community and realize our responsibility to each other. We are a community resource for individuals seeking help with language or culture issues that are not part of our core business. We are an open door to point others in the right direction instead of closing the door on them. We make sure we are part of their solution by sharing the knowledge and connections that we have with them.