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Customer Focus

How do we act on our customer focus? In addition to helping you grow your business, we also grow “you.” We don’t just work with organizations, but with individuals in those organizations whom we come to know well over time. We are committed to your personal and professional growth as we work with you.

Use your language service provider to gain expertise….to specialize in global

Let us help connect all the stakeholders

We understand that you may work with a group or department and those groups may have different priorities.  We also understand that group decision making can present its own challenges and be difficult.  We’d like to help you find that consensus and alignment in your organization and the tools for success we have developed are ones that we can use with you to help with that discussion to find solutions to problems that are there.  Our focus is on you and the role you play and how we can best support that role.

Are you already an advocate for International?


You may already being dealing with global communications in your organization and have a degree of global competency but want more.  You may also want to advocate inside your organization to improve this area but you sense the risk that comes along with doing that.  What if you can’t attract the support?  You may know the value that it brings and you certainly understand the personal value and the skills that you have worked hard to acquire.  Our focus is on helping you and supporting you with data, reporting, case studies and quality management tools to help you be that advocate and gain personal success.