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Our History


President, Melissa Wurst is the owner and founding member of Language Solutions, Inc. She has over 34 years of experience working in linguistics, languages and culture. Melissa has had a broad career immersed in foreign cultures and linguistics beginning in 1988 with her service in Thailand with the U.S. Peace Corps where she implemented language and training programs. Her specific focus was as an A.I.D.S. educator and traveling the country to conduct camps to teach the teachers how to implement an A.I.D.S. awareness curriculum under the request of the Ministry of Health. From there, Melissa became the Assistant Director of the Midwest Refugee Center in Wichita, Kansas and subsequently relocated to Taiwan as the Director of a bilingual school.

Melissa returned to her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri in 1996 and worked on establishing language standards and immersion programs for a number of corporate clients including Walmart. Melissa founded Language Solutions, Inc. in 1998.

Melissa continues the third goal of the Peace Corps by bringing home what she learned and sharing that with others. Her passion is on shaping perspectives of people and organizations as they create communications for their global audiences.

“By making organizations aware of the impact that culture and values have on the language in their communications and connecting that with their overall strategic business goals, we can bring the global community a little closer together. In effect, we can be a catalyst for global change . . . one person by one person, one communication by one communication.”


Melissa understands the challenges of integrating localization and translation to business practices. She is gifted in explaining the intricacies of the process to clients and works tirelessly with them to make the process as smooth and effective as possible. I greatly respect her hard work and depth of industry expertise, and enjoy working with a professional of her caliber who makes the difficult almost fun!


Former Localization Industry Consultant