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Project Management

Language Solutions’ focus is on organization and customer service. Project management is at the heart of our process and is fundamental to the success of all projects, so it is never outsourced. We believe that there is no substitute in project management for detailed planning and assignment of accountability to all members of our project teams…..and it should be something that you expect to be done well. We value our relationships and work closely with our clients to learn about their existing processes and needs and to educate them about our processes.


Client Testimonial

“I know what you’re saying when some people don’t want to answer the questions or don’t have time. But, I’d rather you have done your due diligence in asking us the questions. It’s our name that’s ultimately on the piece so we want it to be right.

We appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you both put into all our requests!”
CVS Caremark client


We understand that quality stems from repetitive processes and that the complex nature of localization projects requires flexibility. Our localization framework is structured, ensuring quality, and flexible, allowing us to create customized solutions for our clients. The role of project management is to assist in turning uncertain events and efforts into certain outcomes and promises. Language Solutions’ bicultural and multilingual Project Managers have the Global Mindset necessary to be effective leaders in international business.


“In the words of the A-Team’s Hannibal, I love it when a plan comes together! Knowing that dedicated and intentional project management, together with our clients’ inspiration and our translators’ expertise, ensures the outcome of every project is a quality translation that will help empower patients, customers, and employees to make well-informed decisions is such a powerful motivator for me. Some of my favorite parts of the process are combing source copy for linguistic challenges, mining for important terminology, choosing the best team for the job, and making sure that a translated design is just as beautiful as the original.”



Clara Dahmer

Localization Manager

Moments of Truth with clients by Language Solutions in St. Louis

Certified Localization Project Management

Our many strengths include:

  • Organizational and process strategy development
  • Client relationship management and education
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Risk Management and problem solving
  • Resource Management of our network of professional linguists and multilingual desktop publishers
  • Industry Technology, including source Content Management, Translation and Terminology Management technologies
  • Budget and schedule management
  • Linguistic and cultural comprehension and awareness


LSI PROJEX is a secure, web-based project management tool. LSI PROJEX will streamline processes from your request for a time and cost quotation to the final delivery and archival of your translated files.


  • give you insight into all phases of your project from one easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • serve as an online central location for all information and documents associated with a project
  • be permission-based, allowing access only to designated users, even your reviewers
  • be secure, with an emergency backup plan for stored documents
  • enable customized workflows specifically designed for your translation projects
  • ensure version control of documents
  • ensure consistency through open communication, knowledge management and established, repeatable workflows
  • establish standards of performance in each phase of a project
  • optimize productivity and automate workflow management for a quicker time-to-market

Certified Localization Project Management

LSI’s Project Managers have successfully completed the Localization Certification Program. The certification program is offered by California State University – Chico, in conjunction with The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) and The Localization Institute. The program, comprised of 30 hours of course work, workshops, a hands-on lab and culminating exam, took place at St Louis University’s Boeing Institute of International Business. Topics covered were: Principles of Localization, Costs and Metric Tracking, Translation Industry Technology Solutions, Software Localization Toolkit Development, and Communication.


Our experienced Localization Project Managers have a deep knowledge of industry technologies, Computer Assisted Translation tools and workflow management technologies. Our staff of Project Managers is SDL Studio-certified.