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Brand name evaluation for international markets

The importance of brand name evaluation for international markets may not be evident until it’s too late. Take Facebook’s decision to change its name to Meta. Hebrew speakers were quick to poke fun at the fact that “meta” is the feminine form of the adjective “dead,”...

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Marketing translations in Spanish: avoiding common pitfalls

Four major questions that often come into play when doing marketing translations in Spanish are 1) Which variant of Spanish? 2) Is the audience one person or more than one person? 3) Should formal or informal address be used? 4) Which gender markers are appropriate,...

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French Translation for Food Packaging for Canada

Official Languages and French Translation for Food Packaging for Canada Even though Canada has a complex linguistic makeup, there are guidelines that clearly outline requirements for French translation for food packaging for Canada. Both French and English are...

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Spanish Website Translations and Personas

Spanish website translations involve a lot of moving parts. The translations themselves are obviously a significant aspect of the project, but there’s also the question of design. Do you want your English and Spanish language sites to look identical except for the...

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US Spanish Translations

Have you been tasked with having US Spanish translations done, and aren’t sure where to start? Many non-Spanish speakers wonder if the Spanish spoken in different parts of the world is different, and the matter of US Spanish translations adds further questions since...

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Product Marketing Translation Process

The process of translating product marketing for other markets differs from the process by which we work on other materials because the message is often short and packs a lot of meaning.

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Is it Necessary to Outline Fonts in InDesign?

When delivering translated text that is typeset in InDesign, we often get the request to send back the InDesign files to the printer. This is usually not an issue when the translation is set with the same font as the English. However, it’s common practice with Asian languages or languages with complex font layouts for printers to request design files that are outlined.

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Transcreation is the process by which a message gets adapted for a foreign or local market in another language, without losing its original intent. This process usually applies best to advertising (taglines, brand messaging or brand names) where a lot of (cultural) meaning is packed into the least amount of content.

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