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Machine Translation and Confidentiality

Machine Translation and Confidentiality Machine translation and confidentiality: not a problem often discussed. Once text is typed into a translation engine, such as Babylon, Google Translate or Bing, who owns the translation? When working with a language service...

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Cross-Cultural Communication

When thinking about cross-cultural communication it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking in stereotypes. Research has shown that – although there are differences between cultures – they are not so straightforward. The three most salient dimensions for studying cross-cultural communication are: power distance, individualism/collectivism, and level of context.

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Legal Translation of Discovery Materials

In legal cases where foreign language documents provide the source of legal discovery, the quality of choice of translators can help or hurt the case. But just hiring quality translators with subject matter expertise might not be enough to convince the court about the validity of the translation. Our experience is that the translation accuracy is often used as the main argument for a defending or oppositing party to dismiss the materials. You need an advocate who is able defend the process by which translation quality is determined in court.

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Translation of Open Enrollment 2019 Infographic

Your decision to start translation of Open Enrollment materials is an important one to support your employees. Open Enrollment is often the only period where employees and their families make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage.

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Identification of foreign languages in translation

When you work with languages all the time, it gets easier to identify languages instantly and notice mistakes without even knowing the meaning. For instance, you don’t need to know anything about the Chinese written language to quickly see whether or not your content...

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Reinvesting in HR Translations

Human Resources Translations is one of the main verticals that we have served for over 15 years. During that time we have seen dramatic economic changes and that affected how HR Benefit Consultants and their clients invest in HR Translations.

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HR Benefit Translations into Spanish for Puerto Rico

HR Benefit Translations for US corporations often require Spanish translations for their Speaking employees. However, if you need materials created for Puerto Rico employees you should consider ensuring that the materials are relevant to the laws in that country and translated in Spanish for Puerto Rico.

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