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WPML integration for WordPress Translation

Organizations seeking a WordPress Translation Solution now can directly connect with Language Solutions for professional translation integration services. WPML is a downloadable plugin for WordPress that manages not only the translation workflow, but also can be...

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Quality Control in XLIFF Bilingual Files

XLIFF has become the XML standard for the translation industry. However, the bilingual nature of the files seems to be counter intuitive to the Translation Memory process that the industry has promoted for over a decade as a means for quality control. While the standard has provisions to work around some of the issues, it shows that standards alone don’t necessarily improve a process.

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Why Context Matters in Global Brand Management

Translating your global brand into context based languages can cause a lot of headaches. Take for instance the example of using adjectives in French. Adjectives are words that describe the noun. In English, adjectives are pretty simple. You place the adjective in...

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The Translation Process and Editing Process

Many think that the translation process is a single transaction. You provide the content and it gets translated by a translator and then it is delivered. This process may be true if you work in an office and work with an internal staff member translating your materials. It seems to be a fairly straightforward process. However, this is not the recommended process followed by most professional translation firms.

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Voice-over Translation

What you can do to prepare for the recording to ensure that you get the desired result? When we work on corporate video translations, there are typically two options we work with: voice-over or subtitling.

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Why You Need To Understand Translation Accuracy

In our Voice of the Customer research, Translation Accuracy was the highest rated response as to what matters in our client's business relationship. Our business relationships are based on the trust that we have our client's best interests in mind. Not many...

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When to Consider Translation Technology Investment

When organizations are feeling the pains of managing some translation processes in-house, what should they consider when making the leap to investing in in-house translation technology? A recent webinar by SDL confirmed that finding the right technology is not the only problem.

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