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Why You Need To Understand Translation Accuracy

In our Voice of the Customer research, Translation Accuracy was the highest rated response as to what matters in our client's business relationship. Our business relationships are based on the trust that we have our client's best interests in mind. Not many...

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When to Consider Translation Technology Investment

When organizations are feeling the pains of managing some translation processes in-house, what should they consider when making the leap to investing in in-house translation technology? A recent webinar by SDL confirmed that finding the right technology is not the only problem.

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LSP Maturity: Quality Evaluation

For this LSP Maturity blog, we look at Translation Quality Evaluation. We will look at evaluation methods that are being used in our industry. How do high performing organizations define quality? What role does quality play in the translation process?   Choosing...

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Core Competencies of Website Translation

There are two sides to website translation, the Content Management System (Client) and the Translation Workflow (Language Service Provider, or LSP). To get these systems work together can be a challenge, but software developers have worked on various solutions to eliminate the need for manual processes in website translation.

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The ROI of Global Communications

Organizations don’t always consider the ROI of global communications. It’s often seen as an additional cost. We like to think of it as an investment.

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Getting your InDesign file translation-ready

It’s not often that an InDesign file is created with the idea in mind that it will go into another language. But there are common production practices and design concepts that can make localizing (translating) the InDesign file a much smoother process.

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