About Advocating Global

A blog designed to support globally minded communication professionals with insight into the global communication strategies that lead to desired behavior and positive end-user outcomes. We write and invite experts to write in about global communication topics in healthcare, corporate communications and marketing, as well as best practices in localization and process management.

Our topics may vary, but our focus is always on the advocacy for the communications professional; to empower them with the tools and best practices to be a global leader and make a difference in the outcomes of the end-user.

Corporate Communications Blog

Global Corporate Communications include topics like Employee Benefit Communications, Public Relations, Change Management, Employee and Customer Satisfaction surveys, Employee Engagement, etc. Global Benefit Consultants have an edge in our industry by understanding the complex logistics of global communications. What we intend with this blog is to give professionals insights into translation and localization specific knowledge that can help them in achieving process efficiency and quality. Global Communications benefit from being proactive and knowledgeable about the risk factors in the translation industry and be a better advocate for the employees and managers that their clients want to engage with.

Top 5 Localization Tools

Top 5 Localization Tools

Our top 5 localization tools aren’t just for language services professionals (LSPs)! In fact, while we are an LSP, we bring more of a project management than a translation perspective to organization and efficiencies. Whether you’re just beginning to work with...