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Human Resource and Finance Translation

We understand the challenges our clients face as they expand globally and the human resources translations that the Communications division must implement.

Your bottom lines of “participation”, “employee retention,” “perceived value,” and “positive feedback,” are success measures for the global communications you create and the measures that our teams take into account when we manage consistency of messaging, terminology and your translation assets with Translation Memory.  Furthermore, Open Enrollment metrics to get employees enrolled and understand their benefits.

If you have offices and employees worldwide, we will ensure that the translation of your company’s messaging will be conveyed as clearly as the original.

We are not advocating a strict translation of your materials but rather a more indepth strategic focus on the decisions to make and the road map you will need to engage your multinational offices with clear cultural insight.

Organizations and people within those organizations want a language service provider who understands not only their business but also the constraints that individuals have on their time. You will have a single point of contact with our project managers who will work efficiently to value your time. You need a partner that can provide you with mentorship if you need it, tools for your success in human resources translation and excellent customer service with the focus on you.

We have the infrastructure and technology to support you, a customer focused culture where you will get personal attention and most importantly, we have the passion for these communications. We want you to see a difference in your bottom line.

Download our fact sheet for human resources translation.

We love bringing LSI’s services to our clients, because it fits perfectly with the strategic, high-value approach they expect from Buck, and no global communication process is complete without addressing the critical issue of localization. LSI takes the foreign language content created for a short-term communication project and turns it into a long-term asset through the use of client-specific glossaries and Translation Memory. Creating value is what keeps our clients connected to us in the long term, they haven’t just spent money on a one-off communication campaign, they have now created a permanent asset for their organization.”

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