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Legal Translation

Language Solutions provides legal translation and interpretation services you can trust. One of our core competencies is team selection of professional certified translators specializing in legal per our ISO 9001:2008 translator selection guidelines.

Our translators are hand selected for your needs on a case-by-case and document-by-document basis. We understand the complex and sensitive nature of legal projects and handle them professionally and confidentially. We are the only ISO 9001:2008 certified translation firm in St. Louis.

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Discovery Services: You may have a lot of documents to translate and it’s not cost effective for you to do them all. We can work with you on a process to determine the documents that will serve your needs so that you do not have to translate all of them.  We partner with you to develop the criteria for the translator to go through your documents in order to decide which ones will be important based on your criteria.  We look for a multitude of ways to save you costs and to offer you options that fit your particular needs.

Our oral interpreters will come on-site for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation of depositions and trials. These bilingual/bicultural linguists are trained to help you and your client bridge language barriers for effective communication.  They are experienced in legal interpretation and work regularly with attorneys and courts in legal interpreting.