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Multilingual Typesetting and Graphic Design

Translating a brochure, flyer, manual or handbook? Let LSI handle the multilingual typesetting aspect of your project as opposed to your designer or inhouse creative team. We assume the liability for you and the final product.

Translating a print/design project involves more than just changing the text from English to another language. Our Translation Memory Technology allows us to process your design file directly for translation so we can cut your typesetting costs by 1/3 with this process and our technology.  Our human translators work into our software and see only the text for translation, however, our typesetters will receive the design file with the translation “dumped in” and then typeset and adjust from there.  Our typesetters have the experience to work this way with the technology that we use in the localization industry.


Cost Saving Tips!

Want to learn how to prepare your InDesign file for translation?  This is something you CAN do on your end to save costs in typesetting.

Typesetting a foreign language into the English design file is  a different expertise than the creative process of design. We routinely work with the issues of text expansion (some languages up to 25%), bilingual files, font resolution, left to right set up of files for languages like Arabic and Hebrew, line breaks of Asian language text, etc. We also have multiple families of fonts for different languages.

Still want to hand it over to your designer or creative team to do it inhouse?  It does not save you money and can incur additional expenses if mistakes are made and you go to print.  We’ll work with your creative team to ensure them that the integrity of their files will be held intact.  We won’t change margins or images and we won’t change any design decisions. We’re just working with the foreign language text.

Multilingual Typesetting by Language Solutions in St. Louis

The final stages of quality control are the most important. All of our typeset files go through an inhouse format proof (print and screen) as well as back to the translator for a final proof.  We see many companies skip this step to save costs but is diluting your brand worth that? Would you want a typo or wrong hyphenation on your final print pieces?  The final proof is an important step in this process.

Don’t have your original source design files to send to us?  No worries.  We can recreate them for you. Need a file designed?  Our graphic designers can present you with options that are optimized for the languages you want to translate into (many languages expand so you need to leave extra room). Have a piece that you want to create in a bilingual layout?  We can advise your team on how to set that up in design or create that for you.  Let’s talk about what you need.

Your design is part of your branding and we understand the elements of a consistent brand – in style, voice, look and design.  These are elements that we take into account in translation of the language all the way into how that language looks in your design. Can translation and typesetting of your content dilute your brand? It should be just as important of a process as it is with the English side of branding.  Let us help you protect that.