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Why Translation Technology Matters

Our commitment to a strong translation technology infrastructure helps to increase quality and maintain consistency while reducing costs and turnaround time. Every LSI member of the team is dedicated to making your project a success.

People+Process+Passion+Technology = Success

Technology is widely available and our industry has many standardized platforms with which to work. Our success is based on combining the right technology with the right people to manage content. No matter how integrated the technology, people still are required to make the necessary decisions to get the right content stored, used and reused, purged and changed based on the current needs.

While technology drives the translation industry, the most important technology is that which simplifies processes. We make the translation process transparent, seamless and efficient for you.
Language Solutions in St. Louis - Quality and Trust
Our quality standards are ingrained and deployed well in our organization.  It is not just a flavor of the month to us. We have implemented Baldrige in Quality since 2008 and seek to continually improve our processes. This is where people are the heart of our process.  We invest in their personal and professional growth to retain the quality of people that we believe will have our customer focus and be able to serve that well.  This is the heart of project management at Language Solutions and the ones with whom you will have direct contact.  People you can count on…

We do not develop our own proprietary technology.  The industry changes too quickly and there are many options that are developed by others in our industry and those are the options on which we advise clients. We don’t want to tie you into a specific platform that may not fit all your needs.  Rather, we stay informed, well researched, well read and well tested on the options that are out there and available for you to utilize. People that can advise you…

Plain and simple – We want you to have success in this industry. Wherever you are on this journey with global communications, we can help you to understand it better, to be knowledgeable of the obstacles and success factors, to make decisions that fit your organization and your personal vision of success.