healthcare translation overview for CVS Caremark
healthcare translation example
healthcare translation example

Newsletters and Puzzles in Spanish are targeted toward kids who are managing chronic diseases.  Just think – an English crossword puzzle does not translate exactly into Spanish so these have to be rearranged!


End Client: CVS Caremark

Services Description: healthcare translation case study for brand management: Member communications, Disease management translations of brochures, Newsletters, Website, Audio/Video
Scope: Multi-language translation, multilingual typesetting in InDesign, Website localization

Since 2006, we have managed healthcare translation for CVS Caremark and have built their Translation assets for them in Glossaries and in Translation Memory.

Our online Translation Management portal serves as a central location for their assets for requesters from all over the organization to access.

One of main verticals of expertise is healthcare communications and ensuring that the end user of the communications truly understands.  We are passionate about their communications and CVS Caremark relies on us for quality translations, typesetting and organization.

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Healthcare translation case study