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Global Communication Audit

Do you have tools or inputs for your global communications strategy? Language Solutions has developed and offers a complete self assessment tool for auditing of an organization’s Global Communications. This is a tool that you can use at your convenience, offline, with your team or by yourself. Other organizations want to send in their consultants and then send you a report.  We believe in self assessment first and have been first in our industry to develop the tools to improve the industry and localization efforts with this assessment.

This tool helps you know where you are on the Global Communications Maturity Map and identifies your gaps in 4 readiness areas. By assessing the state of global communication at your organization, you will gather baseline data including the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).

This comprehensive audit is for organizations and the individuals/departments within them. This can your first step to take in crafting that global communication strategy. Take it at your own pace. Share it with others in your organization. Bring it to the table at your next meeting and be the first to offer a strategy and direction with the management of your translations that you either outsource or do in-house. The questions are all there for you to answer and generate a discussion for you and others in your organization.

Be the one to facilitate this audit at your next meeting, departmental get together or with upper management.


Be the one who comes in with a great idea and raises the awareness level of the Communication function within the organization.


How does it work?

The audit provides several key questions in each Readiness area that you as an individual, department or organization can answer by scoring these from 1 – 5. These questions are tied to goals that fall within a Balanced Scorecard perspective. In addition, the questions help to analyze an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats with using Global communications and translation of that content. After scoring the organization, you will get a visual snapshot of your organization’s performance within the tool from an automatic calculation of the scores in an Audit Scorecard.

Click through out presentation below to see screenshots and learn how it can benefit you and your organization.



Why use it?

Organizations that are beginning to use or already using global communications in high volume will go through different stages of maturation. The global communications assessment audit can be a valuable tool to determine your current placement on the Global Communication Maturity Model, to set goals and to find areas of improvement that affect quality, cost, customer satisfaction and learning as well as giving you the insight to bring a new idea and perspective to your company.

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Or you can start with our online assessment here: