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Localization Maturity

We understand that most organizations do not have the time and internal resources to focus on process management and improvement on their own. Language Solutions Inc. offers a mentor program to work side-by-side with clients or buyers of translation services, guiding and empowering them to take an active role in their globalization and localization initiatives through the stages of maturity. We are exposing the black box of localization and showing you how to have control.

Are you a buyer of translation services?  A localization or globalization manager? Need to identify and measure key objectives, metrics and action plans? Need to integrate those metrics in with your existing metrics? We can help you with those missing pieces of the puzzle…

The LSI Global Communication Maturity Model™ 2.0 shows an enhanced view of the stages through which organizations will progress when implementing a global communications strategy. Each stage represents a point in time when an organization faces unique challenges that must be met and built upon in order to move forward on their global business path.

Not sure of which stage your organization is in?  Take our online localization maturity assessment to find out.

Global Communications Maturity Model for Localization Maturity assessment

Our model shows 4 key dynamics of maturity:

  • Scope of work increases exponentially and can take over domestic work
  • Process Focus is most important in the early stages of maturity before standardization and centralization (and certification) controls the process
  • Technology Maturity is usually an investment made in need to move to a mature stage and grows further by means of automation of processes
  • Language Service Provider (LSP) Involvement shows that in the first 4 stages of maturity, the LSP plays an important role in Localization Maturity. 

In 2009, we set out to build a Balanced Scorecard for our Industry.  We wanted to improve the value for our clients and to help them achieve quality and success.  In 2017, we starting offering this to the industry and to buyers of translation services who want to manage inhouse. We mentor and provide tools for your success that are available within the Localization Maturity framework. Our investment into the Research and Design of all the tools and framework was based on our experience with Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and our background in assessing other organizations on this as well as other Maturity Models (Capability, People, etc) that support the data behind it. 

Global content value chain for localization maturity assessment