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Organizations seeking a WordPress Translation Solution now can directly connect with Language Solutions for professional translation integration services. WPML is a downloadable plugin for WordPress that manages not only the translation workflow, but also can be configured to manage the languages displayed on your site.

WPML Translation Management Plugin

logo of WPML for WordPress TranslationThe WPML Plugin can be installed on any WordPress platform. The plugin allows developers to prepare the site for multilingual use. Developers can set up each language independently and associate parts or all of the website’s posts, projects and pages. Theme elements are managed through an additional plugin. WPML allows selection of the format in which the domain is handled for each language site.

Language Solutions can advise on the best practices for setting up a WordPress site for multilingual use. This includes selecting the right format for your language selection menu.

Read WPML’s press release on our partnership here.

WPML Translation Hub 

Language Solutions is connected to WPML directly through WPML’s Translator Hub. By providing a token to the WordPress developer, the WordPress site is directly connected. Translations can be sent out in batches of files and will be uploaded to the Language Solutions portal for translation. Developers are kept up to date on progress through their WordPress Translation Management Portal. Upon completion of the translation, files will be uploaded back and can be automatically applied to this site. This also simplifies the updating process.

How to get connected

Organizations can purchase a license with WPML. For only $ 195.00 (as of January 2017), developers have lifetime access to the WPML Content Management System. This is an incredible deal considering that support of WordPress continues to evolve and support will be available. Developers can work on localization setup, including menu layout and select languages. WPML allows a lot of flexibility on how to approach the localization process for each language and it supports a breath of multilingual-ready themes.

WPML does not charge you anything for translated work. Your relation will always be with Language Solutions as your trusted partner for translation services. Contact us to get connected directly with our services.

Click on the gallery below for an overview of the plugin:

The benefits of WPML

WordPress users struggle to find a one-stop solution that integrated with professional WordPress translation services. Organizations that care about vendor management and high quality translations either had to turn to a one-stop solution that included high-level proprietary technology or use export and import configurations that required manual work. WPML is optimized for quick implementation and easy workflow management to get translations to and from their preferred vendor. This benefits WordPress users interested in taking control over their language sites in a way that doesn’t require any additional programming.

As WordPress allows users to build their site in a modular way, WPML makes it easy to pick and choose relevant sections of your site and leave out parts you don’t need translated. There is no need to create a separate site from your original site. You can either duplicate your site in another language and make modifications or simply pick and choose the sections you want to send out for translation into a particular language.