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End Client: GM

Project Description: Human Resources Translation: Employee Plant Safety Communications
Scope: Translation into Chinese, French (Canada), German, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (LA and Spain), Thai, and Vietnamese. Multilingual Typesetting of translations in InDesign.

Human resource translation services

For their mobile equipment and pedestrian safety messaging, a campaign was created and called “it’s personal OWN IT”. This campaign had to be translated into 12 languages and included a Poster, 2 Infographics, an Article and a Wallet Card.

The logo had the campaign message and needed to be translated as well. A literal translation of this would not work and carry the intended message. We used the creative brief on the logo messaging to craft a tagline in each language. This is called “transcreation” in our industry.

In order to get buy-in from the local GM offices, we collected the most important company terminology and created a glossary. This was translated and approved by the local GM offices. This provided enough feedback to ensure that the translations were relevant for each location.

When GM decided to change terminology from pedestrian in-plant vehicles to mobile equipment, we were flexible and agile to work with their changes and incorporate it into our ongoing processes in multiple languages.

Despite a lot of moving parts, the project was completed with minimal involvement from GM and we were able to deliver the materials in all languages within a very tight time frame.  Assets are maintained in Translation Memory and in termbases.

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