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End Client: Energizer

Project Description: Energizer Ethics Guide in 15 languages
Scope: Translation and Multilingual Typesetting including Redesign of InDesign file for Arabic readers

Human resources translation case study

The Energizer’s Ethics guide needed to be in 15 different languages.  Our Translation Memory technology also allows us to process the InDesign file directly for translation which cuts the typesetting time by 1/3 (as well as the costs).  We already had existing Translation Memories for Energizer so we were able to also ensure consistency of terminology with past translations.

In addition to translation and typesetting, this project also involved client review of the translation with Energizer’s global HR directors.

Of the 13 languages, only the French reviewer made many changes which were stylistic in nature. All others received very high reviews. From the Energizer Japanese reviewer: “This is the best Japanese translation I have ever reviewed for Energizer” 

Want to learn more about preparing your InDesign file for translation? This is an area where the client’s processes on their end can affect cost. By preparing the file, you can reduce typesetting time and save cost.  Of course, we can do this for you but if you want to learn and be proactive, read our blog post for helpful tips.


Human resources translation case study with Ethics guide in multiple languages