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Image of Seminis brand: Linguistic Screening and Product Name evaluation completed


End Client: Monsanto

Project Description: Brand Tagline for Vegetable Seed
Scope: Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, Israel, Egypt, Morocco (French and Arabic), Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany and France.

Linguistic Screening and Product Name Evaluation

Monsanto’s new tagline for a vegetable seed used by open field growers and farmers throughout the world. FH already performed qualitative research with 25 farmers in 8 markets, with mostly positive results among the growers regarding the English tagline. They decided to move ahead with our Linguistic Screening process to test the English tagline in each foreign market.

The purpose of the Linguistic Screening is to look at the elements that make up the phrase regarding phonology (how it sounds), semantics (how meaning is inferred from words and concepts), and pragmatics (how meaning is inferred from context in this situation).  Our analysis is standardized around 14 questions and is customized to fit the needs of every analysis (Read more about our Linguistic Screening Metrics).

Our summary of findings concluded that the tagline was well suited for most markets, with specific concerns highlighted to provide the client with a good risk assessment. We went beyond the subjective “Ok, Good, Great” rating and gave the client specific concerns that they could evaluate.