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We believe that excellence in translation project management should be something you expect from a Language Service Provider (LSP). However, project management is often overlooked when it comes to choosing an LSP. Project analysis, process management, cost management, planning and organization, and communication are just a few of the many skills that you should expect from a project manager. When you pay for the skill of a translator to do an excellent translation job, doesn’t it make sense that you should pay for excellent project management as well? How else would you know for sure that you receive the care that your project deserves?

Ask yourself:

  • Do I get insightful questions or suggestions before the start of a project that helped mitigate risk?
  • Are details remembered throughout a project, even if I need to speak to another project manager?
  • Does my LSP seem knowledgeable about my company and my product or service?
  • Are my projects always on time and on budget?
  • Can I ask my project manager a question about a project that was completed a long time ago and get the answer and/or the files quickly?
  • Do I feel that my files and intellectual property are handled securely and with care?
  • Can I count on a timely response to questions, even if they fall outside of normal business hours?
  • Do I feel like they make it easy for me?

At Language Solutions, our PMs are Localization Certified. 100% of our PMs are also internal auditors for ISO 9001:2015. We take project management seriously so you can have peace of mind.

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