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Patient Education Healthcare Translation

The costs of patient education healthcare translation may seem high, but the costs of neglecting to provide this resource are likely to be even higher. And arguably more importantly, the benefits of patient education healthcare translation can easily outweigh the...

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What’s Culture Got to Do with It?

You may have heard people say that "karma's a b!+c#," but have you ever heard anyone describe karma in the context of cultural beliefs affecting healthcare outcomes? In our last blog post, we explored the effects of making, or not making, healthcare communications in...

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Culturally Sensitive Medicine

Culturally Sensitive Medicine Culturally sensitive healthcare includes everything from marketing to patient education to service provision. With our focus and expertise on healthcare translations, we have previously written several times on topics such as targeting...

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Linguistic Validation – Who, What, and Why?

Linguistic Validation is a set of processes designed to ensure that a translation is linguistically accurate, culturally appropriate, and validated by a professional in the field. It is a process mostly used in the translation of clinical trials, one our areas of...

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Healthcare marketing to Millennials

When designing healthcare marketing to Millennials, consider that 21 percent are Hispanic and speak a foreign language at home.  Millennials, who account for 75.3 million people in the U.S., are more racially and ethnically diverse than any prior generation. Their...

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Readability Adjustment

We received an interesting email from another translation firm the other day seeking to add vendors who could assist them with readability adjustment. Many clients of this translation and interpretation firm have been requesting this service more and more. First of...

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Decision to translate hashtags

The decision to translate hashtags and manage and cultivate a social media campaign around that requires planning. Think of the English campaign creation and the work that goes into the brand creation and the hashtags that reinforce that message. When that copy goes...

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