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What is App Localization? It is adapting the user interface and content of a mobile application in another language. It takes into mind the cultural and linguistic elements of a language for the target market.

The infographic below is a quick overview of what it takes to localize your app from start to finish.

First, you must carefully consider why you are localizing, for what markets, and what is needed to localize for those markets. This will of course include the languages needed for translation. Then determine your localization strategy and make sure your developers are aware of app localization processes.

Although there are a few big and fully automated solutions for app localization, most apps are easily localized using the export and import functionalities both Apple and Android provide. This allows the developers to maintain control while you have the choice of using a translation agency you trust.

App developers do need to get familiar with the localization and internationalization best practices offered by the software providers. Once they have set up the app for localization, there is great support for developers to hand over the materials to their trusted translation partner. The export formats provided by both systems are formats that can be integrated with Translation Memory tools that are used for translators to manage the translation process with Glossaries and Translation Memory for consistency.

Once your translations are ready, your developers load the translated files and the translator can test the localized version of your app before it goes live. This ensures that you can launch your localized app with confidence.

Are you ready to begin the localization process for your app, or do you have questions? Check out our App Translation services or contact us for a review of your app. We can talk with your developer about getting exported files to us for analysis and a quote.

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