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Video has surged as one of the main forms of media used in corporate marketing and internal communications, and subtitling services allow you to bring your videos to a wider audience without having to reshoot them. There are several ways to handle your corporate video subtitling project, each with their own benefits. We highlight two main options for Subtitling Services:

  • burned-in subtitles or
  • text-based subtitles.

Traditionally, subtitles for corporate videos were always burned-in because it allows full control over the subtitle format and position. It’s also the most secure method for ensuring that messaging is not altered after distribution. However, there are downsides to burned-in subtitles, such as the need to distribute one separate video for each market.

Text-based subtitles offer some additional flexibility, and the growing need for subtitling services in online streaming platforms has made text-based subtitles a more attractive option. Online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are developing high quality standards around subtitling and this could improve the support for high quality text-based format subtitles suitable for Corporate Videos.

This infographic below describes different format standards, such as sizing, placement, fonts and character limits of subtitle text, and quality inputs that have a direct effect on the quality of the subtitling process. It also gives some further insight into the two different types of subtitling services mentioned above.

Enjoy our infographic below to learn more or read our blog about the changing landscape of video subtitles.

Video Subtitling in foreign languages infographic