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There is a lot of competition around Video Translation Services. Here are five reasons why it is in your best interest to invest in video subtitling or audio translations using a professional translation firm:

1. Translation Quality for Video Translation Services

Consider that at the heart of Video Translation Services, there is the translation part. Sure, your studio might have some translation talent available or your marketing firm might be able to outsource to individuals. But you know also that translation is not going to be their core competency. Translation quality can be affected throughout the entire video project. From content and context preparation, to subject matter expertise, to subtitling preparation and proof; it matters how translation quality is managed during each process. A Language Service Provider, at the core, has its translation process mapped out to ensure that each step includes quality steps to avoid mistakes in translation, ensure readabillity for subtitling, adherence to accuracy and expertise in the subject matter. A Language Service Provider will always have a quality reputation to uphold and is your best bet for making sure the language aspect is well covered and help you understand costs associated with your foreign language video translation project.

2. Subtitling Standards for Video Translation Services

Subtitling standards are important for comprehension. However, subtitling standards can be prohibitive to getting a project done. Subtitling standards can also get in the way of translations as most videos are not timed well enough to deal with subtitles that take longer to read and comprehend than audio. Because subtitles can limit what you can do in translation, often the process of translating subtitles becomes an iterative process. It can’t be just a transactional process where translators are expected to write concisely and get it done right the first time. A Language Service Provider knows which translators can produce better results with subtitles and have relationships built with those translators over the years. Plus, a Language Service Provider specializing in video translation services often can play an advisory role to your project manager to consider both linguistic, as well as form and functional aspects to produce a final product that is optimized.

3. Getting Options for Video Translation Services

How often does your video subtitling project change in scope after you’ve been given advice to change approach? Video subtitling may not always be the best option. Or there might be considerations that need to be taken into account before a video can be suitable for subtitling. Same goes for video narration. Now, a lot of specialized studios may want to point you in other directions if it makes most sense, but ultimately they too get paid for rendering the service of production, rather than the overall service of advising clients. What if your fonts are not suitable for subtitling? What if your video has a lot of onscreen text and competes with subtitles? What are the options? Who’s going to do the research and make a decision? A video translation service should include the best possible advice to complete a project.

4. Attention to Detail for Video Translation Services

We might as well call it project management, but something that often fails in Video Translation Services is that no one person is responsible for the attention to detail in a project. Everyone in a project has some sort of expertise that requires a level of detail but a professional translation service will have a dedicated project manager overseeing details. This includes translation expertise (translator selection, quality processes), subtitling expertise (what does good subtitling look like), technical expertise (video formats, fonts) and communications. Clear communications about expectations, brand management, scope of work and time frame management is just as important as anything else to get a video translation project done successfully.

5. Not just anyone can provide Video Translation Services

Every industry is in such a disruptive state due to the availability of technology that it almost seems like anyone can do what used solely be done by the professional. So too can video subtitling “easily” be done by anyone proficient with video software and access to a translator, or even automated services like YouTube. However, what we find in our industry is that technology enables many more projects to come off the ground that previously would not have been considered due to the costs. It doesn’t necessarily replace the need for Professional Video Translation Services. Every service has its place. If you are investing in your marketing message, your brand, your outcomes, and the platform by which you want to deliver those results in a video, you’ll want to make sure that investment is well managed for the outcomes you expect. If you want someone to respond to your needs with service, attention to detail, and a need to uphold a quality reputation, you should consider a Professional Translation Firm to handle your Video Translation Services. You can see examples and learn more on our Services.

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