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Open Enrollment Infographic

Get prepared for the 2017 Season with our Open Enrollment Infographic that focuses specifically on Spanish translation of your materials for this employee population. Read more about in our blog post on Translating Open Enrollment for Hispanics.  If you have not started translating your materials into Spanish and want to build a business case for senior leadership, you can find metrics to help support translating those communication materials.

Interested to read more?  We have a 4 part series on a study in healthcare terminology that is available in Spanish. With over 2 decades of experience in Healthcare translations are one of our main areas of expertise.

Health plans will want to know about these resources and the challenges presented.  Marketing Communications Consulting Service providers will want to learn about this so they can choose their language service provider partners carefully. Translators will want to learn more and possibly invest their time to create these assets. This in depth study is the first of any kind in the industry.

Open Enrollment for Hispanics infographic