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Whether you just rolled into managing a translation project for the first time or you are the global manager, your work affects how your organization is able to effectively reach new customers or affect global employees and translation process improvement can be a tool in your toolkit for maturation. At Language Solutions, we’ve been promoting our Global Communications Maturity Model since 2008 to show that, at each stage of growth in managing global communications, there are unique challenges and opportunities that can and should be managed at the organization’s level in order to successfully grow. In order to help individuals tasked with managing translations in their organization, we’re announcing our Online Localization Maturity Assessment for managers to better understand at what stage their organization likely is operating, what the main risks are and we provide key areas that you and your team can work on to manage that risk.


About the Online Assessment for translation process improvement

The Localization Maturity Assessment is a simple 5-question assessment asking you how your organization is currently managing its translation efforts. The Online Assessment is designed for organizations at any level of maturity to take a proactive approach to translation process improvement.

For organizations just beginning to translate into other languages, the assessment will help you understand the risks of managing those early stages of the maturity curve and what you should expect from your translation provider. When the need for translation grows, so does the scope of work and associated risks become more tangible within the organization. Results will focus more on internal processes, technology and how you can streamline these processes with your translation provider. Finally, when organizations become self-sufficient in some or most areas of the maturity curve, we look at how you can maintain and improve on the processes. Results at each stage comes with a report that you can use to take to management or discuss with your translation provider.

A Tool Designed to be Agile for translation process improvement

Global communication maturity model used for localization maturity assessment and translation process improvementOur Online Localization Maturity Assessment is a new tool in our growing toolbox that we provide to organizations to come up with meaningful translation process improvement initiatives. As we learned from launching our in-depth Readiness Assessment a few years back, while providing organizations with an extensive Roadmap to work on process improvement in 5 key areas (Strategic, Organizational, Content, Language and Design), the level of detail and commitment seemed to be too overwhelming of a start.

However, the simplicity of our Global Communications Maturity Model always drew clients into quickly identifying where they likely see themselves in the growth model. We finally took this one step further by providing a quick and easy way to start evaluating your organization and get it on the path of continuous improvement in a quickly changing environment with new markets and opportunities.

Many new organizational functions such as Marketing and Human Resources are starting to embrace Agile Methods with short cycle incremental process improvement. And especially in earlier stages of growth, we know that not a lot of focus and attention is brought to the translation process when individuals are tasked with so many other duties that take priority. The goal of adding this Online Assessment is to get organizations started on the path of translation process improvement in a more faster and meaningful way.

By closing the gap between discovery and more in-depth analysis, we have a more accessible and clearly defined a Roadmap for organizations who want to quickly start achieve results with translation process improvement initiatives:

  1. The results from the Online Localization Maturity Assessment is sufficient enough to identify your main process improvement initiatives. You can work with management or with your translation provider to plan this initiative.
  2. Our Readiness Assessment is a more in-depth assessment tool that asks more questions about possible areas of improvement in each of the 5 categories. Currently available only in Excel, we look to make this assessment work online as well to be a natural follow-up assessment after you have identified what stage of maturity your organization is placed.
  3. For further breakdown of goals, objectives and clear metrics, we have developed a SWOT analysis based on the 5 Readiness Categories. Language Solutions can work with your organization to outcomes based goals and objectives that you can use with your team.

Empower yourself with Global

We grow your global competencyAs project managers are looking to build skills, look for personal growth and improving their marketability, we often see that learning global communication skills is a valuable path for growth in many organizations. While many may see the task of managing translation projects as a challenge, sometimes even a burden on top of so many other duties, we find that most people we work with learn valuable skills along the way. These skills can help you find a more global role within your organization or perhaps it can even put you in charge of managing growing global communication needs.

We encourage any individual who has been put in charge of managing translation to check out our Online Assessment. Find where you are on our Global Communication Maturity Model, evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with this step. Use this assessment to discover new process improvement initiatives and then contact us to make use of our Readiness Assessment and SWOT analysis to help you grow your skill and help the organization get proactive around translation management.