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French website catalog localization screenshot of Naturalizer online
Screenshot of terminology management in Trados software for catalog localization of Naturalizer

End Client:  Naturalizer, Caleres (Brown Shoe Company)

Project Description: Online catalogue localization (monthly)
Scope: Translation into French (Canada)

Catalog localization

Our client, Naturalizer, has an online catalog that they update on a monthly basis.  Their Content Management System (CMS) is a proprietary one.  The catalog is part of a French language site in Canada and updates to it require translation.

Challenges:  The client’s CMS is a proprietary one so we started off exploring their export utilities that are available to them.  The client decided on an export to Excel.  This requires a manual export and a manual import of content back in. Manual processes are always tricky because it increases your chances of error.  However, this is the process that the client felt worked best for them rather than a Middleware solution which they would have to implement with the API into the CMS.

Solution: We receive the content in Excel which still has the html coding in it.  We have developed a standardized and documented process on our end for handling of their content so that html code is isolated from the text for translation in Excel first before we process the text in our Translation Memory tool.

In doing so, we often find breaks in their coding which we identify for them before it all gets published.  Because of repetitive content and the need for consistency, the use of Translation Memory and Glossary development (Termbases) is essential.  Our Termbases that integrate with our Translation Memory also store images of the shoes for further context for the translators.

We are also able to provide customized financial reporting for the client based on the number of items, styles and web color descriptions so that they have an idea of what each product file will cost.  It is only by standardizing the process that we are able to determine this so accurately.

Naturalizer Canada_French: http://www.naturalizer.ca/?lang=fr-CA

Naturalizer has been a client of ours for over 7 years.  We have been a partner to them for many of their brands. What do you want from a language provider as a partner?  Read more here about what you should expect.

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