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How can your Language Service Provider (LSP) be a partner in your success? What do you want from the companies that you partner with to make you successful?  Organizations partner with many different kinds of vendors or establish alliances.  We partner with various suppliers as well i.e. independent translators, software developers, network/technical support, etc.  In our company, we follow Baldrige for Performance Excellence and we have learned and embraced that we need to support our partners in understanding what we need from them and we can be as creative as want to do that as Baldrige is not a prescriptive quality standard such as ISO 9001:2015.

Partnering with translators to be a Partner in your success

Take for example our translators – we provide them personalized training on software that they use (the better they understand it, the more it affects overall quality).  We also help them grow their business in various ways as well, whether it is helping them with their own ISO Certification or to implement better financial decisions and the process to do so.

We take this same thought process and apply it to our clients that we serve.  How can we be a better partner for their success?  We created a process management system in 2009 and centered it on the Global Communication Maturity Model.  In 2007, working with a consultant, we discovered that we had been “mentoring” clients for a long time and that it was one of our strengths and one of the main reasons that clients stayed with us and trusted us.  The task given to us was “build a program around that mentorship.”


Here we are in 2015  and we have a variety of tools that we offer clients toward partnering with them in their success.  We don’t charge for these tools.  They are an extension of our excellent customer service and when our clients are successful, we are too.  Oh and Baldrige in Category 3….also has us focus on the customer and prove that focus in any creative way we can.  This was our idea of how we fine tune that focus. Consider your translation provider as a partner in your success. If they are not focused on your success, you are missing out on what could be ….give us a call.  We’ll focus on you.