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End client: Gilead Sciences

Project Description: Hepatitis B Patient Education slide modules for doctors, printed brochures, web site (www.hepbsmart.com)

Scope: Translation into Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Khmer (Cambodian), White Hmong, Burmese, Somali and Vietnamese

Healthcare translation and patient education

Campaign “B Informed” was created to generate awareness and action among different immigration populations in the U.S., on Hepatitis B and liver health. Posters, teaching modules, awareness presentations, brochures and an updated website were created (www.hepbsmart.com).
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Specific translation teams were selected for their experience with immigrant populations in the U.S.  At least one member of the translation team also had great experience interpreting in the medical field here. This was an important criteria for us in team selection as we felt it put them closer to terminology that was current with these populations. One of our core competencies is translator team selection.  With our strict criteria and quality control process, we are able to select and regularly utilize some of the best healthcare and medical translators in the field.

Multilingual typesetting in healthcare translations

Multilingual typesetting had its challenges of editing and recreating images.  The challenges of incorporating translation into a design in which the target language was completely different were taken on our typesetting manager, David.  He is an absolute genius at typesetting and resolving issues.  Font resolution and InDesign challenges of working with Khmer and Burmese languages – we specialize in font resolutions and unusual languages.  Burmese and Khmer both present their own set of challenges but this is what we like in a project!

Hepatitis B develops in 1 in 4 people

1 in 4 people develop liver problems Burmese

Animation of slide presentations to create learning modules.  Animation of layered InDesign files in PowerPoint to create presentations that could not be altered. These slide presentations are used in doctor’s offices to inform patients, create awareness and lead them to action for better health.

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