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Novo Nordisk Healthcare translation highlighted in a diabetes promo ad in French


End Client: Novo Nordisk

Project Description:Healthcare translation: Diabetes Management
Scope: Translation into Spanish and French, internal client review, terminology management, project management

Healthcare translation

Our client, a healthcare communications agency, had been managing Spanish translations for Novo Nordisk for a number of years with independent translators and with a large translation firm.  Our client also has SME that is a medical writer and reviewer of the Spanish translations and they came to us because there had been a lack of quality with their previous translators with more and more errors, little quality control, no management of assets.  The Client was seeking a new partner with better quality.

Client’s Medical Writer (also Spanish reviewer) is key in this relationship for Spanish Translations.  She is an expert in Health Literacy and comes to us because of our experience and background in Health Literacy and English and sees this as key to understanding the whole content lifecyle of healthcare communications (the English content as well as healthcare translations).

We create asset management for all NN materials with Translation Memory and Glossaries for repeat content to ensure accuracy and consistency in translation. We provide regular healthcare translation teams in each language that specialize in this highly regulated area.  High touch organizational skills a must for this client and great working relationship between design agency, healthcare comms agency and independent writer/reviewer.  Consistency of terminology and preferences a must.


  • Established documented standards and processes
  • Standardized process of client review and certifications required by NN
  • Translation Memories and Glossaries allow us to track historical changes to content and terminology as well as ensuring consistency for the brand with repetitive material particularly with ISI.
  • Established assets for each country to keep track of preferences and market specific knowledge
  • Established trust.
  • Established version control procedures and workflow
  • Moved Novo Nordisk from price perspective to value perspective and gained additional 4 languages for client from Novo Nordisk
  • Regular Novo Nordisk translation partner for 4 years.

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