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End Client: Mobile Outfitters
Project Description: US Company entering into Canada must comply with Canadian regulations on the use of the French language in a variety of mediums
Scope: Software localization, video subtitling, manuals and process guides translation, online troubleshooter for products localized…..all in tight timeframe for regulatory compliance

Mobile Outfitters came to us after their recent win by a client in Canada.  They needed advice on which materials were required to be in French for Canada and which content was required.  We provided documentation on Canadian Labeling and they organized all content on their end.  With a tight timeframe, we used 2 teams of translators and then needed to decide the order of translation for all the products they had. 

Translators need context to understand the product, the processes involved and how it is used.  Fortunately, one of the directives was to subtitle the videos on their website.  They have very well done videos in plain English, showing each step of the process on their end.  We had our teams start there so that they learned along the way and had great context to then go into the Process guide and manual and lastly, the software itself which can be challenging when it’s single strings of content with no context. Mobile Outfitters is in over 50 countries today and 800+ locations.

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