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End Client: Visa
Project Description: Digital Video and online campaign to improve the image of Visa as being the payment solution for the unbanked population “Currency of Progress” in 5 languages
Scope: Brand communication strategy components: Video Subtitling, Website localization, Typesetting, Translation

Visa’s PR agency  had been using another translation vendor with Visa for over a year. The process was a runaway train for them and they wanted to get the derailed train on the right path and find a partner. After an extensive interview process and meetings, we were selected as the partner for Visa.

When Visa’s Digital Video campaign took off in 2012, there were no global standards internally at Visa for subtitling videos and Visa’s in-country reviewers had no common processes for keeping version control of the review of the translations. When Language Solutions was asked to help with the streamlining of the global communications for this project, we immediately started standardizing the overall processes while maintaining Visa’s corporate style guide as much as possible.

In collaboration with our studio production team, we ensured that the expectations for each video and language was set and followed consistently. Visa’s in-country reviewers were given access to our online portal for access to translated materials before they went to production, ensuring a smooth review process at the right time and with the needed version control. Translation teams were trained on Visa corporate objectives.  Trust was established with internal reviewers and translation assets were created and managed. Since the start of this program, we have subtitled 41 videos in that year and launched one additional market for Canada during the rebranding process.

The rebranding process for the other markets required timely, accurate and cost efficient processes, which was enabled by a standardized process and carefully organized assets that were easily accessed for rebranding.

As organizations create more content for global communications, they move through the stages of the Global Communication Maturity Model.  You can read more about those stages here.


LSI is just what we hoped they would be during our interview process. The good work, thoroughness, and professionalism, especially Jeroen‘s late night emails with the Japanese Visa office is noticed and very much appreciated. Thank you so much for your continued good partnership and patience!




Director, Visa