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Preparing for the 2018 Open Enrollment season? Even though summer season is just about to begin, many Plan Managers and Human Resource Benefit consultants are probably already thinking about preparing their business case for senior leadership on reasons why to translate open enrollment materials.  With that in mind, wee present another fun summer themed infographic to get plan managers to also think about planning for writing their English content in Plain language and translating that content in other languages. We specialize in open enrollment materials for Spanish speakers which is the most requested language here in the U.S.  Coupled with our expertise in healthcare translations, our proprietary glossaries of open enrollment terminology and our expertise in typesetting content in design files, we consider open enrollment translations as one of our main verticals.

Per an online survey with the Kaiser Family Foundation, it appears that almost half of the respondents do not fully understand the health concepts that can drive up costs. As with every annual open enrollment, there is an opportunity for plan members to get educated about health concepts.

However, this year that window of opportunity for researching, education and choosing a plan is also shorter than previous years; only 45 days. This increases the pressure on plan managers to provide accurate and well written information that is understood in English and, for those families who need language assistance, also in other languages. In addition, the Section 1557 Final Rule also increases the need for Federally sponsored plans to provide language assistance to a wider audience and in more languages. This increases the expectations of plan members, that were previously perhaps under served. to be provided health assistance in their native languages.

Infographic for 2018 Open Enrollment

2018 Open Enrollment Infographic

2018 Open Enrollment Infographic – Language Solutions, Inc.


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