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Translation of open enrollment materials is incredibly complex as it involves different services and different options for different employee groups with data that has to be written into clear options that are selected against an uncertain future. Open Enrollment is often the only period where employees and their families make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage. These decisions are based on several key healthcare concepts that many find difficult to understand.  In this infographic, we lay out another aspect by discussing the need for translating Open Enrollment materials and healthcare information. In this version, we reiterate the complexity of the healthcare concepts and several aspects where healthcare communications can be improved to appeal to a wider audience. Of course, if you do work with an employee population who can significantly benefit from translation, especially if their decision making reaches far into the family, that may not be bilingual, contact Language Solutions. We specialize in open enrollment materials for Spanish speakers in particular and have a proprietary glossary of healthcare terminology from all health plans that have the translations of their plans in Spanish available.

Decision to begin translation of Open Enrollment

Your decision to start translation of Open Enrollment materials is an important decision because when you start supporting a foreign language population, there is a commitment to consistently provide healthcare communications to people who experience the healthcare system in a very fragmented way.  Much of the healthcare information available is in English only, with different sources of information, and requires interpretation or translation not only in language but also in conceptualization that relates to their health beliefs and experiences. It’s not easy to write materials for every group, but it is possible to write materials that use examples and concepts that may increase understanding of the population as a whole. That conceptualization issue is also covered by looking at the role of Health Literacy. Consistency in messaging is also important as healthcare terminology is already difficult to understand, conceptualize and act upon in an informed manner.


Which HR documents need to be translated - Open enrollment translation infographic

Open Enrollment Infographic