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Open enrollment presentation translation: easy as 1, 2, 3

As open enrollment draws closer, perhaps you are working on informational materials and considering open enrollment presentation translation. We’ve translated just about every type of open enrollment communication you can think of. And while historically we often...

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The Power of Predictability: Trusting a Translation Service

Language service providers (LSPs) play a crucial role in enabling effective communication across language barriers in today's globalized world by offering translation, interpretation, and localization services. However, delivering predictability in their services is...

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Translating a video: some recommendations and takeaways

There are two primary treatments when translating a video: subtitles and voiceover. We’re going to break down which treatment is better suited to which types of videos, in the realm of corporate video content. Please note that this post does not fully address closed...

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Navigating open enrollment in Spanish

While spring may only just have sprung, it is never too early to be thinking about providing your materials about open enrollment in Spanish. Just like a lot goes into putting together a comprehensive benefits package, a lot goes into an effective translation of open...

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Translation of open enrollment documents

For the translation of open enrollment documents, you may have multiple guides for different locations and repetition of content between them. How should you handle the translation of multiple open enrollments documents to be cost effective, given the repetition, as...

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The Case for Professional Video Subtitle Translations

While for some the question of watching a show or movie with or without closed captions is simply a matter of preference, for others, closed captions and professional video subtitle translations allow them to watch it at all. And 2020 was a big year for subtitles. In...

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