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Professional Interpreters

Many people grow up loving language and wanting to become a professional interpreter. Interpreting as a profession is heralded by a few modern conventions: (1) neutrality, (2) confidentiality, and (3) competence.

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Why are Burmese Fonts so Problematic?

Burmese Fonts Burmese fonts can be confusing – not only is the script complex, but not all fonts are compatible with each other. Why is that? In this blog, we will discuss the history of the digital Burmese script and why its complicated path from paper to screen has...

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Identification of foreign languages in translation

When you work with languages all the time, it gets easier to identify languages instantly and notice mistakes without even knowing the meaning. For instance, you don’t need to know anything about the Chinese written language to quickly see whether or not your content...

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Translating in Word: Formatting a Bilingual Word Document

The situation is this: You have a document set up with styles, chapter numbers and a table of contents and you want to translate the document and present it in a side-by-side bilingual format. However, there are a few things in Word that could drive you nuts if you don’t set up your styles correctly.

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Translating in Word: Creating a Table of Contents

Preparing a file for translation can save you costs. We’ll show you how to correctly set up your Table of Contents (TOC) in a Word file to have it automatically paginate. This is useful even if just creating your English document

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WPML integration for WordPress Translation

Organizations seeking a WordPress Translation Solution now can directly connect with Language Solutions for professional translation integration services. WPML is a downloadable plugin for WordPress that manages not only the translation workflow, but also can be...

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