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5 Tips for Bilingual Layout

Creating a bilingual design should never be the sole responsibility of your Language Service Provider. Creating a bilingual layout requires making a lot of design decisions that need to be worked through in the creative process. Here are 5 tips.

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Foreign Language Video Translation

What do you do when you get a few hours of foreign language footage that you need to cut into a few minute video, and your editor does not speak the language? We periodically get this request from agencies asking for video translation and it’s never an easy sell. This post suggests a more strategic approach to ensure that your budget meets both need and ROI.

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Font License Issues with Multilingual Typesetting

Use of Fonts in Multilingual Typesetting has never been a big problem before. But as design firms are burdened to upkeep their font license policies and the growing influence of cloud based services has increased the pressure on vendors to get their own fonts to be able to work with their client’s designs. This is a cost to the industry that somehow needs to be recouped. What would be some other ideas that could help deal with font license issues?

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Our Translator Community

Whenever we are asked about who is doing our translations, the common expectation is that either we do the work "in-house" or we just "send it out" to "a translator." However, the translator community, at least within Language Solutions, mainly consists of a regular...

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Testing English Product Names in China is Futile!

Linguistic Screening (or Product Name Testing) of your English Product Name should not be the process by which you’ll want to evaluate your Product Names in China. Rather, Chinese names benefit more from a phono-semantic matching process by which the sounds and/or meaning of the name are matched to fit the English name and brand.

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Translating for Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation changes

Until just recently, the Canadian Government had planned to enact the Private right of Action provisions on July 1st as part of Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL). This provision would have allowed individuals to bring lawsuits against organizations and it's...

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WPML integration for WordPress Translation

Organizations seeking a WordPress Translation Solution now can directly connect with Language Solutions for professional translation integration services. WPML is a downloadable plugin for WordPress that manages not only the translation workflow, but also can be...

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Why Context Matters in Global Brand Management

Translating your global brand into context based languages can cause a lot of headaches. Take for instance the example of using adjectives in French. Adjectives are words that describe the noun. In English, adjectives are pretty simple. You place the adjective in...

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