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– Calling All Agencies –

Agencies, Consultants, Marketing and PR Firms provide many solutions to their clients, but there are times when you partner with others to extend your capabilities. When you are working hard on helping your customers get the best ROI on their communications, improve traffic and leads or make your client’s budgets go further, how well prepared are you to respond to your client request for translation services?

Instead of a reactionary approach, how about offering Translation Solutions to your clients? That’s why we partner with you to proactively help your customers serve global markets more effectively… and with confidence.

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– Overview of Agency Services –

Translation is more than just words. It helps build new markets for organizations. Our Agency Clients have a growing need to support their clients with global communication campaigns in other languages.

Reputation Management

Whether it’s internal crisis management, change communications or safety awareness, we help clients with Global Internal Communications in other languages for their US based clients in many different sectors. We move with the agility and organization that is required to support you in getting campaigns off the ground and running. You can expect dedicated Project Management, quick responses, ability to see the big picture and fitting right in with your team.

Digital and Social

We work in several mediums and on different platforms to deliver your engaging campaigns to a global audience. Our Video and Audio production process is standardized, enabling clients to get up to speed on a global campaign instantly. Backed by subject-matter linguists, professional narrators and subtitling professionals and access to three high quality studios, we can deliver digital content quickly and accurately.

Brand Marketing

Product Name Evaluations or Linguistic Screening for brands going into foreign markets: Clients come to us whenever an English name is being developed that needs in-depth linguistics and phonetics analysis, plus insight into negative or positive associations in that market.

Public Affairs

With our global network of linguists and interpreters, we can assist your firm with professional talent that understands the local issues. Your dedicated Project Manager may suggest or provide research to support you, cultural insight, or other resources that we are able to provide from our team and this industry to expand your capabilities.

Human Resources

We help our Agencies provide employee facing communications to a global audience. Whether it is for Open Enrollment, a Corporate Wellness Program or Corporate Ethics, we work with your end client to understand how they communicate with their foreign language speaking employees and provide them with relevant translations to increase participation and engagement.

Corporate Training and eLearning

Training Materials are complex considering the amount of data that is being used to explain a program or a piece of software. There’s nothing more frustrating than having training materials that are inconsistent with the materials provided. Our Translation Memory Technology along with thorough preflight to understand your client’s training materials ensures accurate translations. We also provide video and audio services for eLearning.

– Capabilities –

We ensure that your brand standards are maintained.

– The Global Competent Agency –

Companies don’t go global, people do!

Be an advocate for global communications by reading up on translation and localization best practices. Whenever your next client is looking for support into other languages, be ready and then contact us for further support.

Video Translation in a foreign language

Video Translation in a foreign language

What do you do when you get a few hours of foreign language footage that you need to cut into a few minute video, and your editor does not speak the language? We periodically get this request from agencies asking for video translation and it’s never an easy sell. This post suggests a more strategic approach to ensure that your budget meets both need and ROI.

Why Context Matters in Global Brand Management

Why Context Matters in Global Brand Management

Translating your global brand into context based languages can cause a lot of headaches. Take for instance the example of using adjectives in French. Adjectives are words that describe the noun. In English, adjectives are pretty simple. You place the adjective in...

Preparing InDesign Files for Translation

Preparing InDesign Files for Translation

Preparing InDesign Files for Translation is a good investment. In this post we highlight a very unique situation to explain how design decisions can greatly impact the translation and typesetting workflow.

App Localization Infographic

App Localization Infographic

What is App Localization? It is adapting the user interface and content of a mobile application in another language. It takes into mind the cultural and linguistic elements of a language for the target market.The infographic below is a quick overview of what it takes...

Voice-over Translation

Voice-over Translation

What you can do to prepare for the recording to ensure that you get the desired result? When we work on corporate video translations, there are typically two options we work with: voice-over or subtitling.

– Relevant Case Studies –

Each customer has a different story to tell and that’s what makes every translation job unique. Learn about some of the solutions we provided to our agency client marketing challenges.

– Reach Out –

Have a client calling about translation services and need some solid support? Call us!

St. Louis Agencies, we’re local and can meet with you or go along with you to your client to explain the translation process and make you look good!